Service Locations

Unless otherwise indicated, Robust Web Services and its various lines of business ( & provide services either entirely (100%) remotely or onsite, or with an 80/20% split (either way).

The specific onsite locations at which our consultants perform services depend on the percentage of a service performed onsite and the duration.

Refer the following scenarios...


Our consultants can effectively perform all services (except SAFe Training) 100% remotely/online by collaborating with your organization/staff, via online collaboration tools.


Licensed SAFe training courses, are mandated (by SAFe®) to be performed 100% onsite only.


Services performed 80% remote and 20% onsite (typically 8 business days remote and 2 days onsite) can be performed at locations almost anywhere within the US or Canada.

Submit a service quote request or contact us to confirm specific onsite locations.


Onsite services are provided either entirely (100%) or mostly (80%) of the total service time.  Therefore, the specific onsite locations at which services are provided depend on the percentage  onsite and the total (estimated) duration of the assignment, i.e.:

Short-term services (between one hour and two weeks):- Performed almost anywhere within the US or Canada.


Long-Term services (more than 2 weeks):- Performed within the Greater Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; Harrisburg, PA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC or New York City, NY (i.e. within walking or subway distance to/from an Amtrak station).

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